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Reopening Yoga Neighborhood

In the past few weeks, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions through email and social media asking when Yoga Neighborhood is going to “reopen.” It’s a tricky question, and one that does not, unfortunately, have a simple answer. We know how much our friends and supporters have been missing the opportunity to practice yoga in person with our wonderful Yoga Neighborhood teachers. And we’ve certainly been missing you every bit as much.

We’ve never completely gone away, of course. We’re offering a handful of online classes through partners like the Cape Cod Veterans Center and the Centerville Public Library. But we know we’ve not been as visible in our Cape Cod community as in the past, and we are actively working towards the day—not too far away now—when we’ll have a full schedule of classes and programs on offer. We’ve stayed in contact throughout this pandemic year with social service and community organizations all across the Cape. Together, we’re all watching the progress of Covid numbers, vaccine distribution, and evolving directives from state and local boards of health. It’s been a complicated process, and the health and safety of our participants and staff have always been our number one priority.

As the saying goes, “it takes a village.” We are pleased to say that our Yoga Neighborhood village remains durable and committed. We plan not only to return at full strength, but to come back stronger than ever.

As summer approaches, we expect to be back on beaches and in parks around the cape, with healthy outdoor classes with lots of room to socially distance even as we come together in communal practice. And some of our larger indoor venues will also be returning soon, possibly with changes including limited group sizes and per-registration. And as the rest of the world returns to normal, we’ll be back in a senior center or community hall near you—bringing you the wonderful yoga and meditation experiences we’ve all been missing.

Until that day, breathe deep, stay healthy, and watch this space for future announcements.

Janet Gardner

YN Executive Director

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