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Run the Falmouth Road Race with Yoga Neighborhood!

Updated: May 26, 2021

Yoga Neighborhood is excited to once again be fielding a team to run the ASICS Falmouth Road Race in 2021. As with so many other things in this year of COVID-19, the Falmouth Road Race will look a little different, but that just means that there are more ways to participate, and more people can take part in the fun while helping to bring the benefits of yoga to the most needy in our Cape Cod community.

As a member of the Yoga Neighborhood team, the choice is yours to run the At-Home Edition or the traditional In-Person Race!

What is the At-Home Edition? If you run the race virtually, you pick the time and the place to complete your seven miles during the seven-day period from August 7-14. You can run all seven miles at once, or you can break it up over several days. You can run in your own neighborhood or anywhere else in the world. You can run with friends and family, whether or not they are entered in the race. You can even form a mini-team within Team Yoga Neighborhood to help you with fundraising and keep you motivated. You’ll still get all the traditional ASICS Falmouth Road Race swag (delivered to your door!) and be eligible for official incentive prizes. And since there’s no pressure to finish in a certain time, you don’t even have to run—meaning anyone can participate, whether or not you’re a runner. You can walk, skip, or dance your seven miles. It’s truly your race.

What about the traditional In-Person Race? While the in-person race field will be a little smaller this year, all charity runners will have the option to run in person if they choose. The race will be held on August 15, with some modifications intended to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These will include scheduled bib-pickup times, a required negative COVID test for all runners, a rolling start (meaning no waiting in Woods Hole), hand sanitizer stations and modified water stops, and a scaled-back finish festival at the ballfield.

How does the fundraising work? We ask each of our runners to make a $750 fundraising commitment, the lowest amount permitted by the Falmouth Road Race. We cover your $175 entrance fee. Of course, Yoga Neighborhood will also be there to help with your fundraising. We’ll guide you through the registration process and setting up your online fundraising page, and we’ll promote your efforts in our social media and at our community yoga classes. We’ll even be holding our own fundraisers, with profits going to help our runners reach their goals. The sooner you join the team, the more time you’ll have to raise funds before (and even after!) the race.

We have a limited number of entries available, so if you’d like to run for Team Yoga Neighborhood, or if you would like more information, please email

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